At Meeting of University and Class Clubs Last Night.-New Policies Discussed.

The University, Sophomore and Freshman Debating Clubs held a joint meeting last evening in the old billiard room of the Union.

All questions connected with debating in the University were fully discussed. Among the speakers were F. B. Wagner 3L., president of the University Debating Council; A. Tulin 2L., W. H. Davis '05, and B. V. Kanaley 1L., members of the team against Princeton; Mr. R. T. Parke '99, coach of that team; J. C. Prizer '07, president of the Sophomore Debating Club; J. S. Davis '08, president of the Freshman Debating Club; Professor T. N. Carver, and Professor G. P. Baker. The last speaker summed up the discussion of the evening, on the following points: that debating teams should represent the University and not the College, that the introductions to briefs but not the briefs themselves should be exchanged in intercollegiate debates, that the system of graduate coaching be continued, and that the triangular system of debates now used by Cornell, Pennsylvania and Columbia would prove advantageous to Harvard, Yale and Princeton. It was suggested that there be an annual debate between the Harvard and Yale Freshman clubs, and arrangements are now pending for such a contest.

F. B. Wagner 3L., editor-in-chief of "Bothsides," after dwelling on the possibilities of the new paper, urged those present to come out for the editorial and business staffs.

M. Kabatchnick '06, winner of the Pasteur Medal last year, then announced the subject for the Pasteur Medal debate which will take place on March 31: "Resolved, That the president of the French Republic should be elected by popular vote." This is the final debate of the interclass series, and will be contested by the Junior and Sophomore teams. The Pasteur Medal is awarded to the best speaker. The trials for the Sophomore team will be held in the New Lecture Hall on Saturday, March 4, Tuesday, March 7, and Friday, March 10, at 7 o'clock. Each speaker will be allowed five minutes for the preliminary trials on Saturday, at which twelve men will be retained. The Junior trials will take place in Harvard 6 on Saturday, March 4, and Thursday, March 9, at 7.30 o'clock. Six men will be retained at the first trials, on Saturday.