Tonight in Princeton Gymnasium.--Harvard Team Strong.

The University gymnastic team left by the Fall River Line last night to take part in the seventh annual intercollegiate gymnastic contest this evening in the Princeton gymnasium. This is the first team entered by Harvard in an intercollegiate meet. Yale, Princeton, Pennsylvania, Columbia, Haverford, Lehigh, New York, University and Rutgers will also send teams.

Gold, silver and bronze medals will be given to first, second and third places, respectively, in every event except the all-round championship, in which three silver cups will be awarded. In addition, the team winning the contest will receive a large banner.

The University team is unusually strong this year as was shown by its defeat of Princeton on March 10. Although defeated by the Columbia team on March 3, the men have since shown such improvement that they are expected to make a good showing tonight. Under the supervision of Mr. F. Dohs their form in executing the more difficult feats has become excellent.

The University team has been entered in the various events as follows:

Horizontal Bar--G. F. Evans '05, C. A. Woodbury '06, R. K. Tomlin '07.


Side Horse--G. F. Evans '05.

Flying Rings--G. S. Taylor '08, G. F. Evans '05.

Parallel Bars--G. F. Evans '05, C. A. Woodbury '06, R. K. Tomlin '07.

Tumbling--R. S. Coryell '08, R. W. Emery 3L., G. F. Evans '05.

Club Swinging--C. A. Woodbury '06.

All-round Championship--G. F. Evans '05.