Rowing Daily on River.--Coaches and Orders of the Crews.

The upperclass crews have been on the river every day this week and are slowly getting into shape. One Senior and two Junior crews row from the Weld boathouse, coached by Rice; and two Sophomore crews from the University boathouse, coached by Vail. The captains of the crews are: Senior, W. C. Richmond; Junior, J. L. White; and Sophomore, R. H. Wiswall. As soon as the second launch "Veritas" is on the river the following graduates will assist in the supervision of the crews: Senior coach, W. Shuebruk '02; Junior coach, W. James, Jr., 1G.; Sophomore coach, G. Bancroft '02.

Eight Freshman crews row from the University boathouse daily, the first and second in shalls, coached by Wray, and the other six in barges, coached by Vail. C. Wiggins has been appointed temporary captain of the squad and of the first boat; and for the time being the strokes of the other boats are in charge.

The orders of the crews are as follows:

First Senior, at 5--Stroke, Richmond; 7, Lewis; 6, Palmer; 5, Eaves; 4, Lamson; 3, Hopkins; 2, Travis; bow, Nash; Cox., Scully.

First Junior, at 4.45--Stroke, Soule; 7, White; 6, Amory; 5, Moller; 4, Shurtleff; 3, Preston; 2, Chandler; bow, Williams; cox., Risley.


Second Junior, at 4.45--Stroke, Field; 7, Wilcox; 6, Sabine; 5, Warren; 4, Gibson; 3, Lincoln; 2, Todd; bow, Burden; cox., Bonelli.

First Sophomore; at 5--Stroke, Gregg; 7, Wiswall; 6, Swaim; 5, Irving; 4, Richmond; 3, Simmons; 2, Lanahan; bow, Whitney; cox., Ogilby.

Second Sophomore, at 4.45--Stroke, Cate; 7, Fay; 6, Stackpole; 5, Winslow; 4, Davis; 3, Winship; 2, Durant; bow, Bailey; cox., MacColl.

First Freshman, at 3.30--Stroke, Ball; 7, Whitney; 6, Glass; 5, Richardson; 4, Boyer; 3, Homans; 2, Fish; bow, Wiggins; cox., Whitney.

Second Freshman, at 4.15--Stroke, Edwards; 7, Hall; 6, Amberg; 5, Cunningham; 4, Howe; 3, Mason; 2, Miller; bow, Lowell; cox., Arnold.

Third Freshman, at 4--Stroke. Kittredge; 7, Harding; 6, Warren; 5, Tilton; 4, Mackay; 3, Morgan; 2, Knowlton; bow, Risley.

Fourth Freshman, at 4--Stroke, Onativia; 7, Parke; 6, Plumb; 5, Pulitzer; 4, Despard; 3, Moore; 2, Bird; bow, Swain.

Fifth Freshman, at 4.30--Stroke, Robbins; 7, Fahnestock; 6, Phillips; 5, Brown; 4, Kidder; 3, Gould, 2, Bacon; bow, Gilder.

Sixth Freshman, at 4.30--Stroke, Bement; 7, Hyde; 6, Wagstaff; 5, Fleming; 4, Dana; 3, Payson; 2, Hadden; bow, Comstock.

Seventh Freshman, at 5--Stroke, Short; 7, Hickox; 6, Henry; 5, Ritchie; 4, Parker; 3, Abeles; 2, Cobb; bow, Mixter.

Eighth Freshman, at 5--Stroke, Fargo; 7, Appleton; 6, Husband; 5, Prince; 4, Gardner; 3, Butler; 2, Ervin; bow, Bliss.

White and Fuller are coxswaining the last six crews.