Class Day Notices.

Suggestions in Regard to Class Day.

Anyone who has any suggestions to offer in regard to Class Day is requested to communicate, at once with the Chairman of the Class Day Committee, Hollis 32.

Last Days for Caps and Gowns.

All Seniors who desire to secure caps and gowns at the reduced price ($5.25) must be measured in the basement of the Co-operative Society before 6 o'clock tomorrow night. To men measured after that time the price will be $5.75, and delivery will not be made until sometime in May. Delivery to men measured by tomorrow will be made on or before April 15. So far, less than half of the class has taken advantage of the opportunity to secure the reduced price. Payments need not be made until the time of delivery.

Ticket and Program Designs.


No designs for Class Day tickets or programs have yet been received. Seniors are urged to send in designs at once. An extension of time will be allowed until next Wednesday. Designs submitted after that date cannot be considered, as all designs must be sent to the engraver at that time. Specifications for the designs were printed in the CRIMSON of February 17. Designs should be sent to W. S. Poor, Jr., Holworthy 16.

Baccalaureate Hymns.

Seniors are reminded that March 20 is the last day for submitting Baccalaureate hymns. These should be written to some familiar tune, and sent to H. B. Webster, Stoughton 5, as soon as possible. None has yet been received. CLASS DAY COMMITTEE.