Freshman Class Constitution Adopted

At a meeting of the Freshman class last night in Upper massachusetts the following constitution, the text of which is the same as that of the Sophomore class constitution, was unanimously adopted:

(1) There shall be three officers during the Freshman, Sophomore, and Junior years, namely: president, vice-president, and secretary and treasurer; but during the Senior year the secretary and treasurer shall be separate officers. Officers shall be elected in the Freshman year within two weeks after the Christmas recess; in other years in November by a method explained below.

(2) At the election in the Freshman year there shall be no restrictions to the number of nominations, which shall be made informally at the meeting.

(3) In other years the president then in office shall call a meeting in the first week of November for the purpose of electing a nominating committee of ten. At this meeting nominations for the committee may be made to the number of twenty, and a ballot being then cast, the ten men receiving the highest number of votes shall constitute a committee.

(4) The committee so elected shall nominate within one week at least two candidates for each office, in addition to the men at that time holding office.

(5) There shall be no restrictions on this nominating committee; it may nominate any number of the class it wishes.

(6) Additional nominations may be made by petition of fifty members of the class.

At the suggestion of G. G. Bail the following motion was made and unanimously carried: "Resolved, That the election be by Auslralian ballot from 9 A. M. to 6 P. M.