In Union at 8 on "Organized Labor's Potency for the Common Weal."

Mr. Samuel Gompers president of the American Federation of Labor, will deliver a lecture on "Organized Labor's Potency for the Common Weal" this evening at 8 o'clock in the Living Room of the Union, under the auspices of the Phillips Brooks House Association.

Mr. Gompers has been connected with workingmen's organizations for many years. He is responsible more than any other one man for the strength of labor unions in this country today. Believing that in unity workingmen have the strength to treat with their employers on a basis of equality he has persuaded a great number of unions to join the American Federation of Labor, of which with the exception of one year, he has been since 1882 the president.

Tonight Mr. Gompers will show that labor unions as a factor in the industrial life of the country have an immense power which they are using to its best advantages. In his lecture in Sanders Theatre last May on "The Industrial Conditions of Public Happiness" President Eliot spoke on the relations of labor unions and employers. Professor Commons of the University of Wisconsin, recently delivered here a series of three lectures on "Relations between Trade Unions and Employers' Organizations."

The lecture this evening will be open only to members of the Union and members of the Phillips Brooks House Association not to members of the University, as well as first announced upon placards. Members of the Phillips Brooks House Association who are not members of the Union may obtain cards of admission by applying at Phillips Brooks House before 5 o'clock this afternoon.