20 Men Retained After Race of Three University Trial Eights Saturday.

Prior to the cut in the University crew squad on Saturday the three trial eights rowed a race of about a mile down stream from just below the Brighton bridge. Owing to the high wind and rough water the race was started late in the afternoon. The boat stroked by French was given a handicap of five seconds; Shepard's and Farley's crews started even. Owing to the accident to the rudder; Farley's boat ran ashore at the second bend below the start. Shepard's crew has already taken a slight lead and at the finish was but a quarter-length behind French's boat.

The high wind made smooth rowing impossible, and consequently it was difficult to obtain a good idea of the individual work.

The order of the crews was as follows:

Stroke, Shepard; 7, Corlett; 6, McLeod; 5, Webstar; 4, Meier; 3, Tappan; 2, Switzer; bow, Swaim.

Stroke, Farley; 7, Gill; 6, Kellogg; 5, Joralemon; 4, Judd; 3, Lilly; 2, Montgomery; bow, Johnson.


Stroke, French; 7, Flint; 6, Bacon; 5, Richards; 4, Pleasonton; 3, Cabot; 2, Clark; bow, Burchard.

The following squad of twenty was retained after the cut: Filley, George, Shepard, Corlett, McLeod, Webster, Meier, Tappan, Fariey, Gill, Kellogg, Judd, Lilly, Montgomery, Johnson, Flint, Bacon, Richards, Pleasonton, Burchard.