Field Day Sports Tomorrow at 4

Tomorrow afternoon at 4 o'clock the annual University field day sports which were postponed from last Tuesday will be held in the Stadium. Men will be permitted to make entries on the field. The times of the events will be the same as were announced in the CRIMSON last Tuesday.

The following officials have been appointed:

Marshal--W. F. Garcelon L. '95.

Referee--E. H. Clark '96.

Judges at finish--H. S. Knowles 3L., J. E. Haigh 2L., F. W. Bird 2L., L. Grilk '04.


Starter--P. Dana 1L.,

Timers--S. M. Merrill '94, F. Wood, B. A. A., Coach J. G. Lathrop.

Field judges--J. S. Stone '05 C. R. D. Meier '05, D. R. Ayres '05, R. S. Townsend '07.

Clerk of course--W. G. Graves '06.

Assistant clerks of course--H. G. Beyer '06, D. L. Pickman '07.

Scorer--J. D. Eliot '06.

Inspectors--N. W. Bingham '95, a. C. Travis '05, F. J. Sulloway '05, R. H. Sollard '05.

Measurers--A. Derby 2L., A. St. V. Carpenter '05, F. Gilbert '06, H. Foster '07.

Announcer--L. I. Neale '05.

Any of the above who cannot serve are requested to notify W. G. Graves '06, 56 Mt. Auburn street, as soon as possible.