University Calendar

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Sunday, May 28.

APPLETON CHAPEL, 7.30 P.M. Rev. Charles E. Jefferson, D.D., of New York, N.Y. Rev Professor E.C. Moore, D.D., will conduct morning prayers from May 29 to June 1, and Rev. Professor W.W. Fenn from June 2 to June 21. The preacher conducting prayers may be found at Wadsworth 1 every week-day during his term of service.

Monday, May 29.

**ZOOLOGICAL CLUB. "Ciliary Reversal," Professor G.H. Parker; "The Pronephros of Amia Calva," Mr. J.H. McClellan. Room 1, fourth floor, Zoological Museum, 4.45 P.M.

**PHYSICAL COLLOQUIUM. "Variations in Spectra Produced by Changes in Condition," Dr. Morse. Jefferson Physical Laboratory, Room 25, 5 P.M.