In Sanders Theatre at 8 o'clock.--Dinner to the Teams After the Debate.

The seventeenth annual debate between Harvard and Yale will be held at 8 o'clock this evening in Sanders Theatre. The question, selected by Harvard, is as follows: "Resolved, That a commission be given power to fix railroad rates."

The University team will support the affirmative side of the question, the men speaking in the following order in both their main and rebuttal speeches: A. C. Blagden '06. M. Kabatchnick '06, A. M. Newald '06. A. W. Blackwood '05 is the alternate. Each man's main speech will be twelve minutes in length, and his rebuttal speech five minutes.

The Yale team will support the negative, the men speaking in the following order in both their main and rebuttal speeches: J. N. Pierce '06Dv., F. E. Pierce P. G., and Q. S. Hopkins, Jr., '05L.S.

Professor W. Z. Ripley will be the presiding officer, and the judges will be Professor J. W. Jenks of Cornell, Hon. A. L. Brown, judge of the United States District Court, and Hon. Edgar Aldrich, judge of the United States District Court of Appeals.

While the judges are making their decision, a double quartet of the Pierian Glee Club will sing.

At the close of the debate this evening, the University Debating Council will give a dinner in the Union to the coaches and members of the two teams. Others who are interested in debating may also attend by purchasing tickets at $1.50 each of E. M. Rabenold, 42a Dana street. H. A. Nye, Thayer 36, and at Thurston's, before 10 o'clock this morning. G. Bettman 1L. will act as toastmaster, and the invited guests will be Professor W. Z. Ripley, Professor G. P. Baker '87, Professor I. L. Winter '86, Mr. R. LuV. Lyman '03, and the judges of the debate.

The Harvard Team.

The University team was chosen on Wednesday, April 5, when a second team, composed of A. W. Blackwood '05, G. Clark 2L., and G. W. Putnam 2G., was also selected. Since then the University team has held frequent debates with the second team and, under the coaching of A. A. Ballantine 1L., a very logical and well-knit case has been developed.

Arthur Campbell Blagden '06, prepared for College at Groton School, where he was president of the Junior Debating Society and vice-president of the Senior Debating Society. He was substitute on his Freshman football team and has played two years on the second eleven. He is now secretary of the Political Club and a member of the Union house committee. He was retained in the first trials for the Princeton debate last year, but has never before been a member of a class or University debating team.

M. Kabatchnick '06, prepared for College at the Seranton (Pennsylvania) High School, where he took part in scholastic debates and was editor of the High School "Impressions." In his Freshman year he was on the team which defeated Exeter, and last year was a member of the 1906 championship team, and won the Pastour, Medal in the final debate of the class series with 1904. This year he was a member of the winning Junior team in the debate between 1906 and 1905 for the class championship. He has held Harvard College, Wendell Phillips, and Bowditch scholarships, and last year won a Detur. He is now vice-president of the University Debating Club and a member of the University Debating Council.

Albert Michael Newald '06, prepared for College at the West Division High School, Milwaukee, where he took a keen interest in debating and made the interscholastic debating team. He won oratorical contests in his third and fourth-year publication. He was retained in the first trials for the Princeton debate last year and this year was awarded the Coolidge prize of $100 for having done the best work in all three trials for the Yale debate team. He is the holder of a Harvard College scholarship for the current year.

Andrew Watterson Blackwood '05, alternate, graduated from Franklin College, Ohio, in 1902. After being for one year principal of a ward school in Canal Dover, Ohio, he entered College last year with the class of 1906, but is now a member of the Senior class. He was on the 1906 debating team which defeated 1907 in the fall of 1903, and last spring was a member of the team which defeated 1904 in the Pasteur Medal Debate.

A. A. Ballantine 1L., who has coached the team for the debate, was a member in his Freshman year of the teams which defeated Exeter and the 1903 team and of the Freshman team which debated against the Seniors. He was president of the Freshman Debating Club in the second half-year. In his Sophomore year he was elected an editor of the CRIMSON and was a member of the team which defeated Yale. In the fall of 1902 he was elected president of the University Debating Club and was a member of the team which debated against Princeton. In the trials for the selection of the Princeton debates he won the Coolidge Prize of $100 for the best individual work throughout the trials.

The Yale Team.

Jason Noble Pierce '06Dv., of Brockton, graduated from Amherst in 1902. While there he took a prominent part in oratorical contests, literary work, and debating; and was a member of the team which won from Williams in 1902. At Yale he has debated for the last two years on the teams which have defeated Princeton and was alternate on the team which defeated Harvard in 1903. He is a member of the Leonard Bacon Club.

Frederick Erastus Pierce P.G., of South Britain, Connecticut, prepared for college privately. While in college he held Woolsey, Callendar, and Waterman scholarships, and was class poet upon graduation in 1904. He won the J. H. Curtis prize, the third Ten Eyck prize in oratory, and the literary medal. He is a member of the Phi Beta Kappa Society. He was on last year's team which defeated Princeton and was alternate two years ago. He is president of the Yale Debating Union.

Isaac Stiles Hopkins, Jr., '05L.S., of Athens, Georgia, prepared for college at the Boys High School in Atlanta. He graduated from Emory College, Georgia, in 1901 and received the degree of LL.B. from the University of Georgia in 1904. He represented the University of the South. He was the editor of the university annual and weekly papers and business manager of the Literary Magazine