Provided Annually by Will of David Ames Wells '51, M.D., LL.D.

By the terms of the will of David Ames Wells '51, M.D., LL.D., who died in 1898, a fund has been left to the University enabling the Department of Economics to offer an annual prize of $500 for the best thesis embodying the results of original investigation under the following conditions:

(1) Competition is open to members of the Senior class in the College or the Lawrence Scientific School, and to any graduate of any department in the University of not more than three years' standing. This includes Masters of Arts, Bachelors of Law, Bachelors of Divinity, and Doctors of Philosophy of not more than three years' standing.

(2) The subject must lie within the field of economics and must be approved by the Department of Economics before the thesis is submitted.

(3) Each thesis must be signed by an assumed name, and accompanied by a sealed envelope containing the real name of the writer and bearing his assumed name on the outside.

(4) Each thesis must be either typewritten or written in a clear, legible hand.


(5) The successful thesis will be published by the University, the cost of publication being paid out of funds also provided by the will.

(6) The competition for the first annual prize will close on November 1. 1905, and all theses offered in competition must be in the hands of the David Ames Wells Professor of Political Economy not later than 6 o'clock on that day.

Further information may be secured from Professor T. N. Carver, David Ames Wells Professor of Political Economy, 16 Kirkland road.