Practice of Crews Yesterday

Yesterday afternoon the University crew rowed to the Union Boat Club and back in five stretches. The men showed an improvement in the catch, but did not finish their stroke with uniformity.

The order of the University four-oar was again, changed. Farley was at stroke in place of Shepard, and Geoge at three. After rowing short stretches in front of the boathouse under the supervision of Coach Wray, the crew rowed to the Longwood bridge, returning without a stop.

The Freshman eight rowed to Longwood bridge and back in short stretches. There seemed to be less tendency than usual to rush the slides, but the men were inclined to row too short a stroke.

The orders:

University crew--Stroke, Filley; 7, Meler; 6, Bacon; 5, Lawson; 4, Newhall; 3, Flint; 2, Tappan; bow, Burchard; cox.; Chase.


University four-oar--Stroke, Farley; 3, George; 2, Gill; bow, Corlett; cox., Montgomery.

Freshman crew--Stroke, Morgan; 7, Amberg; 6, Fish; 5, Warren; 4, Richardson; 3., Fahnestock; 2, Despard; bow, Wiggins; cox., Arnold.

Freshman four-oar--Stroke. Ball; 3, Park; 2, Bacon; bow, Comstock; cox., Whitney.

On Monday the University and four oar crews will leave Boston by the 3.03 o'clock train four New London. The shella will be sent carlier, and directly after arriving at Red Top Monday afternoon both crews will go out on the river.