Work of Yale Crews Yesterday

The Yale crews at Gales Ferry rowed in excellent form yesterday afternoon. Leaving the boathouse at 5.30 o'clock the university crew rowed two miles upstream, and, after a short rest, returned in good time. J. W. Curtis, the graduate advisory coach, assisted Coach Kennedy in directing the work. The university four-oar rowed a very even stroke. The freshman crews rowed 1 1-2 miles downstream, starting about 5.45 o'clock. The men rowed well together and seemed to be in excellent condition.

The orders of the crews:

University crew--Stroke, Whitney; 7, Kineon; 6, Whittier; 5, Chase; 4 Scott; 3, Morse; 2, Ortmayer; bow, Weeks; cox., Winslow.

University four-oar--Stroke, Boulton; 3 williams; 2, Daly; bow, Blair; cox., Kruttschnitt.

Freshman crew--Stroke, Graham; 7, Ide; 6 Noyes; 5, Bigelow; 4, Godley; 3, Park; 2, Kelly; bow, Rockwell; cox., Barkalow.


Freshman four-oar-Stroke, Doty; 3, Sheldon; 2, Townsend; bow, Auchincloss; cox., Colson.