Review of the Year's Religious and Philanthropic Activities.

The past year has been in several respects an unusually successful one for the various religious and philanthropic organizations which are quartered in Phillips Brooks House. The Phillips Brooks House Association, organized a year ago this spring, which includes in its membership all the societies in the House, has gone far toward accomplishing its objects, to unity the numerous interests which centre in the House and to simplify the management of the societies and the maintenance of the House itself. In a number of directions, the actual work of the year has been larger and more effective than in past years, particularly in philanthropic enterprises, the most important of the activities carried on at Phillips Brooks House, which all the societies in the House promote. Until this year there has been an executive committee, existing independently, which has been especially charged with the carrying on of various kinds of social service work. This year the Social Service Committee has coasted to exist as an independent organization and has become a committee of the Phillips Brooks House Association. Under the auspices of this organization, this year, over 120 men have been put at work in various social settlements, boy's clubs, home libraries and parish houses in Boston and Cambridge. The committee which has had charge of this part of the work has been under the direction of J. M. Groves '05 and W. W. Thayer '06. Next year A. E. Wood '06 and A. N. Holcombe '06 will have charge. Besides the men engaged in other forms of social service, over 100 men have taken part in entertainments at various poor churches, alms-houses, asylums and social settlements. This work has been under the leadership of H. S. Forbes '05 and R. N. Baldwin '05, and has had a notable growth during the year. Next year J. I. White '06 will be in charge.

The clothing collection committee, of which E. T. Clement '06 is chairman, has twice during the year collected clothing from the dormitories and private residences and distributed between 20 and 30 boxes of clothing, magazines, etc., to the Associated Charities, Tuskegee Institute, St. Vincent de Paul Society and other reliable philanthropic institutions.

The figures above given do not, of course, include the men who have through their own energies found bits of social service work to do, nor do they include the men who are teaching at the Social Union and Prospect Union, although some men have been sent to both these institutions through the agency of Phillips Brooks House. It is easily correct to say that over 300 men have been engaged in some form of philanthropic work this year.

Bible Study has been carried on by the Christian Association, the St. Paul's Society and the Religious Union. C. H. Sutherland '06 was in charge of the work this year; W. H. Keeling '07 will have charge of it next year. The number of men enrolled in Bible Study has increased from 104 last year to 225 this year. Mission study is conducted under the direction of the Christian Association and St. Paul's Society. Professor E. C. Moore conducts a course for the study of foreign missions and H. M. B. Ogilby one for the study of church missions. The latter course is new this year. Some 34 men have been enrolled in Professor Moore's course and 8 men in the course in church missions, an increase in numbers over last year.

Under the auspices of the various societies in the House a number of interesting religious addresses have been provided during the year. Among the speakers have been Dr. F. W. Tomkins, Dr. Lyman Abbott, Dr. Van Dyke, Dr. Charles Cuthbert Hall, Bishop Vincent, Bishop Jaggar, Rev. C. F. Dole, Rev. J. J. Baxter, D.D., Dr. W. J. Dawson, and the Archbishop of Canterbury. Besides these religious addresses there have been addresses on various social questions, one by Mr. C. B. Marsh on "The Tramp Question," Dr. J. R. Brackett on "The Ultimate Aims of our Philanthropic Work," Mr. H. B. Sawyer on "Boys' Club Work" and President Samuel Gompers on "Labor Unions."

Every week the Christian Association has class devotional meetings and the St. Paul's Society conducts evening prayer. Two informal groups of men, who are interested in the Christian ministry as a life work, have been organized to meet with the University preachers and discuss some of the problems and opportunities of this profession. Through the energy of the Phillips Brooks House Association a similar organization, for social, hospitable and religious purposes, has been organized in the Dental School.

The deputation work of the Christian Association consists of sending men, in answer to requests to speak in various city Christian associations, preparatory schools, churches and colleges. During the year this work has been under the direction of W. W. Thayer '06 and A. W. Soule '06. More than 50 such requests have been filled during the year.

The membership in the societies has shown a general increase during this year. The Religious Union has about 15 members, the Catholic Club 60, the St. Paul's Society about 189, the Christian Association about 350 and the Phillips Brooks House Association about 500 members. Altogether the year has been one of progress in every department of the Phillips Brooks House work, there having been more men engaged in more activities than in any previous year.