Tickets for Yale Baseball Game.

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To the Editors of the CRIMSON:

The reply of the Graduate Manager to the communication regarding the sale of Yale game tickets seems somewhat inadequate. According to this answer every undergraduate, whether he has an H. A. A. ticket or not, must pay one dollar and a half to see the Yale game simply because that is the Yale policy.

The issue, however, does not seem to depend on the Yale point of view but rather on that of Harvard. There are many ways in which Harvard's athletic policy differs from Yales; and if, in the present case, the price is exorbitant, it is exorbitant whether it is a Yale custom or not.

The chief excuse for the new rule is that the average price for game other than those with Yale is ten cents. If we are to judge our sports, however, on a monetary basis, we shall have to admit that there have been some Princeton games worth more than ten cents and some Yale games worth less than a dollar and a half.


Considering the annual surplus, the whole matter appears to be an unnecessary taxing of undergraduates and another stop towards that commercial spirit, virtually the professional, which so permeates American sport. TWO UNDERGRADUATES