Award of Bowdoin Prizes

The Bowdoin prizes for English dissertations for undergraduates have been awarded as follows: first prize of $250 to Swinburne Hale '05, for an essay entitled "The Place of Thomas Traherne in English Poetry"; a second prize of $100 to F.H. Lahee '07, for an essay entitled "The Theory of Evolution." The other second prize of $100 was divided equally between the two essays, "The Dramatic Standards of the People," and "Concerning Children," by H.A. Bellows '06 and C.C. Washburn '05, respectively.

The subjects for the graduate prizes were divided into three groups and one prize of $200 was awarded in each group as follows: group 1--for the best essay on Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry or Engineering, to C.L.B. Shuddemagen 1G., for an essay entitled "Some Facts and Theories in Solar Physics"; group 2--for the best essay on Biology, Geology or Anthropology, to A.F. Blakeslee, A.M. '00, for an essay entitled "Sexual Reproduction in the Mucorineae"; group 3--for the best essay on Ancient Languages or Literature, to D.P. Lockwood 2G., for an essay entitled "Pliny the Younger, an Appreciation."

This is the first time a grouping of subjects has been made. There are six groups in all, three of these were offered this year and the remaining three will be offered next year. Hereafter these divisions will be given in alternate years.

Nineteen essays were submitted for undergraduate prizes, and six for the graduate prizes. The judges for the undergraduate prizes were Professor' C.H. Grandgent '83, Dr. G.H. Maynadien '89, and Rev. Dr. S. MeC. Crothers h.'99; for the graduate prizes the judges were Professor, G.F. Moore, Professor W.G. Farlow '66 and F.P. Fish '75. The prizes for Greek and Latin dissertations will be announced later.