1905 vs. 1906 at 3.30.--1907 vs. 1908 at 4.

Preliminary games in the series for the interclass baseball championship will be played on Soldiers Field this afternoon. The Seniors will play the Juniors on the Second nine diamond, at 3.30 o'clock, and the Sophomores will play the Freshmen on the Freshman diamond at 4 o'clock. Tomorrow afternoon the final game for the class championship will be played.

Most of the members of the Senior and Junior teams have been playing either on the second nine or on Leiter Cup teams this spring, and the Class nines are nearly evenly matched for this afternoon's game. Chances, however, slightly favor the Juniors as Taylor is a stronger pitcher than Snyder.

The batting order: 1905.  1906. Mitchell, s.s.  2b., Burns Weed, c.  1b., Sperry (captain) Colby (captain), c.f.  c., Hellman Tuckerman, r.f.  s.s., Leonard Lewis, 1b.  3b., Grant Snyder, p.  l.f., Gallagher Page, 3b.  r.f., Nesmith Hinckley, l.f.  c.f., Peters Fish, 2b.  p., Taylor

In the second game chances are strongly in favor of the Freshmen, whose batting order is practically the same as in the game with the Yale freshmen last Saturday. The Sophomore team has had little practice, and only a few of last year's team will play today.

The batting order: 1907.  1908. Giles, Tyson, l.f.  l.f., Ware Grant, Powers, 2b.  s.s., Pritchett Hall, Greene, p.  r.f., McNeil Foster (captain), s.s.  p., Lincoln Sibley, Goode, 1b.  c.f., Fischel Sullivan, Rivinius, c.  3b., Thomas Weston, Chandler, 3b.  2b., Smith Field, r.f.  c., Wendell Wendell, Jones, c.f.  1b., Waters, Broun