Brooks House Autumn Conference

The first session of the annual Autumn Conference conducted by the Phillips Brooks House Association in the interest of all the societies quartered in the House was held Monday night, the general subject being the Harvard Mission. N. Kelley '06 presided, and R. H. Oveson '05 spoke of the organization and objects of the Mission, and outlined plans for the year.

Professor E. C. Moore spoke and led discussion on "The Part of Undergraduates in the Mission," and Rev. Endicott Peabody, D. D., of Groton, spoke on "Possibilities of the Mission."

The second session of the Conference, yesterday morning, was devoted to problems and plans of the Christian Association, and St. Paul's Society.

The evening session was occupied jointly by the St. Paul's Catholic Club, the Christian Association and the St. Paul's Society Dean George Hodges of the Episcopal Theological School, Cambridge, made an address.

This morning the session will begin at 9 o'clock; plans for philanthropic work will be considered, and Dr. R. A. Woods and John Daniels '04 of South End House, will speak. At the final session of the Conference at 7 o'clock this evening, N. Kelley '06, H. W. Nichols '07 and R. H. Oveson '05 will speak on various undertakings of the Phillips Brooks House Association, and C. W. Gilkey '03 will give an address on "Phillips Brooks House and Harvard Ideals."


All the sessions are open to members of the University who are interested in any of the work undertaken at Phillips Brooks House.