Circular of Information

Following is a part of the circular of information issued by the University for students in the Graduate School, the College and the Scientific School:

Thursday, September 28.

No meetings in courses of study will be held Thursday morning. The first meetings will be those announced for 1.30 o'clock Thursday afternoon.

College Special Students re-admitted from a previous year of attendance will meet their Advisers at 9.30 o'clock on Thursday, September 28.

Registration of Students (except Freshmen and "Dropped" College Students), on Thursday, September 28, from 9 A. M. to 1 P. M.


College Seniors, Upper Mass.

College Juniors, Lower Mass.

College Special Students, Harvard 5.

College Special Students, Harvard 6.

Students of the Scientific School who register for the first time, University 16.

All other students of the Scientific School, University 19.

Members of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, University Hall 10, south entry, 3d floor.

Every student must obtain from the officer in charge of registration the card called "List of Studies," which must be properly filled out and handed in by College students on Saturday as directed below, and by Scientific students on Friday as directed below, and by Graduate students as directed below.

First meetings of courses. For times of meeting, see the Announcement of Courses of Instruction, 2d Edition, 1905-06; for places of meeting, see official bulletin boards. There will be no meetings in courses on Thursday, September 28, before 1.30 P. M.

The Board of Preachers to the University will be represented by the Rev. Professor Edward C. Moore, in Wadsworth House 1, from 9 to 12 o'clock on Thursday, Sept. 28.

Friday, September 29.

List of Studies. Every Scientific School student must hand in at University 16 his list of studies written on the card provided for the purpose, on Friday, Sept. 29, before 5 P. M