Circular of Information

Following is a part of the circular of information issued by the University for students in the Graduate School, the College and the Scientific School:

Friday, September 29.

List of Studies. Every Scientific School student must hand in at University 16 his list of studies written on the card provided for the purpose, on Friday, Sept. 29, before 5 P. M.

Saturday, September 30.

List of Studies. Every College student must hand in his list of studies written in ink on the card provided for the purpose, on Saturday, Sept. 30, between the hours of 9 A. M. and 2.30 P. M. at the places named below:


College Seniors, Upper Mass.

College Juniors, Upper Mass.

College Sophomores, Upper Mass.

College Freshmen, Sever 2.

College Special Students, Sever 2.

Students in the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences are expected to file their lists of studies at the office of the Dean of the School (10 University Hall) at registration, or before 2.30 P. M., on Saturday, Sept. 30.

Any student wishing to take a "starred course," must obtain the consent of the instructor in the course, given in writing on the card containing the student's list of studies; for admission to a course "primarily for graduates," an undergraduate or special student must obtain the written recommendation of the instructor. Instructors may be consulted for this purpose on Thursday, Sept. 28.