Tonight at 7.30 in the Gymnasium.--Junior Team Will Probably Win.

The final round of the interclass fencing tournament will be fought at 7.30 o'clock this evening in the new fencing room of the Gymnasium. In the first two rounds, which were fought Friday night, the Junior team took the lead, with 17 bouts won, and one lost. The Seniors were second with 16 bouts won, and 2 lost, while the Sophomores won 3 bouts and lost 15. The Freshmen won no bouts, and lost 18.

In the final round this evening 1906 will meet 1907, and will meet 1908 will meet 1909. In the Senior-Junior matches the chances are slightly in favor of the Juniors, but any slight advantage gained by either side will determine the outcome of the entire tournament. It is probable that the Sophomores will defeat the Freshmen.

Cups, presented by H. St. Gaudens '03, will be awarded to the members of the winning team, who will also be entitled to class fencing caps. A special cup will be given to the man who makes the best individual record.

The judges this evening will be: W. L. Rowman 2L., W. MacLeed 2L., H. A. Hirsch 2L., H. W. Holmes '03, A. Tyng '04.