Interclass Debating Abolished.--Meeting In Dane Hall Tuesday.

At a meeting of the University Debating Council yesterday afternoon, it was decided to abolish the present system of interclass debates, because of the lack or interest manifested in them in recent years, and because they detracted from the interest in club debating.

To take the place of the interclass system, it was decided to organize two rival upperclass debating clubs, which should draw their membership from the three upper classes and from the graduate schools. It is planned to have each of the clubs carry on a system of debates similar to that conducted in the Forum last year; and in addition, there will be a series of inter-club debates, for which special club teams will be chosen. At the last of these inter-club debates, for which the teams will be especially coached, the Pasteur Medal will be given to the best speaker.

The definite plans for the organization of the upper class clubs will be formulated at a general meeting of all upperclassmen interested in debating, which will be held under the auspices of the University Debating Council in Dane Hall on next Tuesday evening at 7.30 o'clock.

The Freshman debating club will be organized as formerly at a meeting of all men in the class interested in debating, to be held in Dane Hall at 7.30 o'clock on next Friday evening.

E. R. Lewis '08 was elected librarian by the Council and he will have charge of an the debating records and memorabilia which are now being collected in Dane Hall and of the special debating library which will be transferred there from Gore Hall.