Summary of Athletic Activities.--Basketball and Gymnastics Begin Monday.

For the convenience of men who desire to take part this winter in some form of organized sport, the following summary of the varied opportunities for athletic activity is given:


Winter track work will begin this year immediately after the Christmas vacation. On Thursday, January 3, there will be a meeting of all candidates for the University team, at which an out line of the work will be presented by Captain Minot and the coaches. On the following day, regular practice will begin. The men will be divided into several squads, two to report in the morning at 11.15 and 12.15 o'clock and the others in the afternoon, thus making it possible for every man to work at his own convenience. Squad captains will be appointed to help superintend the work. A board track will be be built on Holmes Field behind the new Law School building, where the middle and long distance work in the Gymnasium under the supper work in the gymnasium under the supervision of Coach Lathrop. Mr. Quinn will again have charge of the jumpers and weight men.

Besides the routine of daily practice there will be ample opportunity for competitive work, such as the class relay races and one or two intercollegiate relay races in which University teams will compete. In order to gain experience it is hoped that as many men as possible will enter individually ion the B. A. A. meet, which will be held on February 16.


Practice for the University squad will begin as soon as suitable ice is available. The Freshman squad will be called out next week for preliminary indoor work. A rink has been built in the Stadium, and, as soon as the ice is in good condition, all practice will be held there. Class teams will be formed in two or three weeks, the time depending largely upon the weather, and the usual inter-class series will be played after the Christmas recess.


Candidates for the University and Freshman basketball teams will be called out Monday, and thereafter the Gymnasium will be open every night until 9 o'clock for basketball practice. The games of the inter-class series will be held on December 12, 13, and 15. In addition to the numerals, cups will be awarded to the members of the winning team. On the completion of this series, the University squad will be picked. After the mid-year period, a scrub series will be held for men who do not make the University or freshman squads, and cups will be awarded to the winners of this series.


On November 6, a meeting was held to organize the fencing squad for this year. Since then, the men have been practicing three times a week under the direction of Coach A. W. Holmes '03 and M. Pianelli in preparation for the inter-class and novice tournaments this mouth. Cups will probably be awarded the winning team in the class tournament. A beginner's class has been formed under the direction of M. Pianelli. The University team, which will compete in the intercollegiate tournament in March, will be chosen after the novice and interclass contests. Dual meets will probably be arranged with Annapolis, Cornell and Yale, but no definite dates have been decided upon.


Candidates for the gymnastic team will be called out on Monday. Regular practice who continue daily at 5 o'clock in the Gymnasium, and as soon possible the men will be divided into squads, according to the particular kind of work they are doing. The practice will be under the direction of S. E. Goodwin '07, captain of this year's team; G. F. Evans 1Dv., of last year's team; and C. L. Schrader, the gymnastic instructor. The only meets definitely arranged are intercollegiate championships at the University of Pennsylvania on March 22 and the dual exhibition meet with Yale, to be held in Cambridge on February 14. Exhibition meets will probably be held with Andover and Exerted, as well as with several of the local schools.

A novice meet for men who have not won their gymnastic insignia will be held early in February. Cups will probably be given at this meet for the best work on the various pieces of apparatus, and a cup will be given for the best all-around work. For the benefit of men not interested in competitive gymnastics, the Gymnasium offers apparatus of all kinds and a competent instructor to take charge of the work. A regular class meets every afternoon at 5 o'clock for general gymnastics.

Water Sports.

The branches of water sports open to members of the University this year are swimming, water polo and diving. Candidates for the University teams will be called out for the first practice on December 10. A tank has not yet been decided upon, but one of the larger tanks will be secured if possible. No regular coach has been chosen, but it is probable that some one last year's team will be appointed. As soon as the work is under way practice will be held regularly three times a week. On January 9, trials will be held for the class relay teams, which will compete in the class swimming races on January 11. There will be six men on each relay team and cups will be given to the members of the winning team. On the same date, there will be a diving exhibition and a water polo game between the first and second teams. The University squad will be chosen from the men who show the most promise in this meet.

No definite schedule for the team has as yet been arranged; but it is expected that a series of intercollegiate swimming meets will be held during January, February and March, in which each team will compete with every other team.


Preliminary work for the University team will probably begin immediately after the Christmas recess with practice in the cage. No coach has as yet been appointed. Candidates for the Freshman team will not be called out until the mid-year period.


Both University Freshman rowing has been discontinued. Candidates will be called out after the mid-year period and work on the machines and in the tank will be kept up until the river is open. Coach Wray will have complete charge of the University crew squad, and, assisted by Coaches Stephenson and Vail, will supervise the work of the Freshman squad