Award of Academic Distinctions

The annual meeting for the award of academic distinctions for the year 1905, '06 will be held in Sanders Theatre at 8 o'clock on December 19. Dean Huribut will be the presiding officer and will make a brief statement of the purposes of the meeting. The principal address will be delivered by Congressman S. W. McCall, representative of Massachusetts.

Seats on the platform will be reserved for members of the paucity and those on the floor for scholarship prize, and detair winners, and for former winners of Bowdein . Seats in the first balcony will be reserved for invited guests and members of the University until 7.55 o'clock, when the public will be admitted. The second balcony will be open to the public throughout.

Deturs will be awarded to men who have won positions in the first group and who have never received a detur. These deturs are books purchased with the income of a funil established by Edward Honkins, who was born in 1600. The books are bound in red leather with the seal of the University stamped in gold on the cover.

At the meeting for the award of academic distinctions an announcement will be made of the winners of scholarships, and of the prises awarded by competition since the meeting for the award of destinations last December.