Lowell Institute Lectures Today

Professor Barrett Wendell '77, of the Department of English, will deliver the last of his course of eight Lowell institute lectures on "Contemporary France" in Huntington Hall, Boston, at 8 o'clock this evening, the special subject being "The Republic and Democracy.' No, reserved seat tickets remain, but any seats in the hall which are vacant at 7.55 o'clock may be taken. The doors will be closed at 8 o'clock, after which no one will be admitted.

This lecture will be repeated on Saturday afternoon at 3.30 o'clock in Huntington Hall. Tickets may be obtained free of charge at the door before the beginning of each lecture; and persons will be admitted without tickets between 3.25 and 3.30 o'clock, when the doors will be closed.

Professor Toy in King's Chapel at 3.

Professor C. H. Toy h.'04 will give his first lecture on "The Present State of Old Testament Criticism" this afternoon at 3 o'clock in King's Chapel, Boston. Tickets for this course, which is maintained by the Lowell Institute under the auspices of the Harvard Divinity School, may be obtained free of charge at the door.