Over 70 Men Reported Last Night.--Plans for Year Outlined.

At a very successful basketball meeting held in the Union last night 73 men reported, 24 more than last year. Of these, 48 are candidates for the University team, and 25 for the Freshman team.

W. C. Chambelin '08, manager of the University team, spoke of the plans for the year, and described the manner in which the University squad will be chosen. E. L. Burnham, captain, reviewed the work of last season, and spoke of the prospects of this year's team. He also explained briefly the way in which the men should train.

The candidates, except the men of last year's team, will practice with their class squads in preparation for the inter-class series, which will be held on December 12, 13 and 15. Members of the winning team will receive their class numerals as well as cups provided by the management. C. L. Schrader, gymnastic instructor, will have charge of the coaching for the present.

At the close of the class series, the University squad will be chosen and the work of preparing the men for the games of the intercollegiate league will commence. W. H. Knox has been appointed referee for all the league games in Cambridge.

Practice will begin in the Gymnasium tonight at the times announced in yesterday's CRIMSON.

All men interested, who were unable to attend the meeting last night, may report in the Gymnasium with their respective class squads tonight.

The following men handed in their names as candidates for the University team:

Forwards--E. S. Allen '09, E. S. Barber '08, C. H. Brackett '08, I. S. Broun '08, E. S. Currie '09, T. F. Downey '07, C. L. Furber '08, A. H. Ives '07, A. S. Jones '09, L. R. Martineau '09, K. A. Mossman '08, S. F. Peavey 07, A. E. Pinanski '08, W. M. Rand '09 C. G. Rounsfell '07, T. G. Sessa '08, A. Strauss '09.

Centres--J. Allan '08, H. P. Burt '08, A. W. Hartwell '08, L. Miles '07, A. R. Teachout '08, F. D. Utley '08, E. F. Ver Wiebe '09, J. T. Vought '09.

Guards--C. Almy '08, A. G. Andrews '07, P. Brooks '09, E. A. Brumley '07, J. D. Clark '07, P. Crusius '09, C. Deane '08, F. S. Dean '08, G. M. Dwelley '08, B. E. Estes '07, A. L. Fabens '08, E. P. Field '09, J. C. Fisher '09, H. P. Forte '07, L. O. Howard '07, R. C. Jones '07, J. E. Keefe '08, C. E. Marsters '07, W. L. Remick '09, H. A. Robinson '08, B. M. Vance '08, G. O. Walker '08, R. V. White '09.

The following men reported as candidates for the Freshman team:

Forwards--F. M. Barnard, J. L. Binda, J. H. Davis, J. D. Donovan, F. H. Hall, J. J. Mahoney, F. W. Marvin, L. A. Moran. W. F. Scribner, H. A. Sexion, R. N. Shaw, J. R. Sheehan, H. A. White.

Centres- G. G. Browne, C. C. Wallace, W. White.

Guards S. H. Brown, W. A. Corley, J. Davis, N. S. Davis, J. A. Gary, R. P. Jordan, G. Putnam. H. Waide, J. Wheel wright.