Performance of Grillparzer's "Medea."

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To the Editors of the CRIMSON:--

Allow me through your columns to call the attention of the student body to the performance of "Medea." to be given next Thursday, December 6th, at 2.30 P. M. in the Colonial Theatre, by Mr. Conried's lrving Place Theatre Company of New York. Grillparzer's "Medea" is one of the few really great modernizations of a Greek subject, and ranks in elevation of feeling and purity of style with such masterpieces as Goethe's "Iphigenia" or Sophocles' "Antigone." From the criticism of the New York papers it appears that Mr. Conried's company is this year particularly good, so that we may probably look forward to an artistic treat of high excellence. A large representation of Harvard students at the theatre is greatly to be desired, not only on account of th rare enjoyment which the performance will give to them, but also because Mr. Conried's generosity and unselfish interest in the Germanie Museum, for the benefit of which he has arranged this performance, deserves public recognition from Harvard.

A number of good seats have been reserved for Harvard students and are on sale at Thurston's at very reasonable prices. KUNO FRANORK