For First Time Yesterday.--Changes in University Crew.

Four Freshman crews went out on the river yesterday afternoon for the first time this season. They rowed by fours and sixes in short stretches from the University boathouse as far as the Water-town bridge and back, coached by Wray. Three other crews rowed on the machines in the University boathouse as usual under the supervision of Coaches Vail and Stephenson. The men who went out on the water rowed well together and in very good form considering the time of year. Their recovery was generally weak and a tendency to keep their blades too long on the feather was evident, although most of the men caught the water with very little splash.

The two crews of the first squad rowed in the following order:

First crew--Stroke, Cable; 7, Faulkner; 6, FitzGerald; 5, Rackemann; 4, Crandall; 3, Hanfstaengl; 2, Maloon; bow, Cutler; cox., Wise.


Second crew--Stroke, Williams; 7, Ellis; 6, Weeks; 5, Kennard; 4, Mulligan; 3, Morrison; 2, Poor; bow, Rodman; cox., Townsend.

Several changes were made yesterday in the orders of the University and second crews. G. G. Bacon '08 was moved to the place of G. G. Glass '08, number 6 in the University boat, from 4 on the second crew, and F. S. Kellogg '07 rowed number 6 on the second. G. G. Ball '08 was at 2 in the second crew boat and A. G. Gill '06 was at 1, replacing C. L. Despard '08 and S. A. Fahnestock '08, respectively. F. M. Blagden '09 coxswained the University crew and R. V. Arnold '08 the second.


The two crews rowed up stream as far as the Watertown bridge and returned in short stretches rowing by fours and eights, while Wray coached from a single scull. The work was not as satisfactory as yesterday. Both boats spaced well between strokes. The University crew rowed in much smoother form than the second and the men appeared to catch together better. The float at the University boathouse will probably be in position today and the crews will row on the river regularly unless it freezes over again. There will be no rowing tomorrow, but the crews will report as usual Friday.

The orders yesterday were as follows:

University crew--Stroke, Filley; 7, Guild; 6, R. L. Bacon; 5, Richardson; 4, G. G. Bacon; 3, Flint; 2, Tappan; bow, Wiggins; cox., Blagden.

Second crew--Stroke, Morgan; 7, Emmons; 6, Kellogg; 5, Montgomery; 4, Richards; 3, Warren; 2, Ball; bow, Gill; cox., Arnold.