Class Day Notices

Spreads in the Yard.

All Seniors wishing to spread in the Yard on Class Day must send written notice to the chairman of the Class Day Committee before April 1.

Caps and Gowns.


Members of the Senior Class who have not yet been measured for their caps and gowns are reminded that unless they are before March 10 they cannot take advantage of the reduced price and delivery will not be made till some time in May. Measurements will be taken at the Co-operative Society.

Class Day Ticket Designs.


Seniors are requested to submit before March 1 designs for the tickets named below. The ticket designs should be drawn in black India ink on white paper and should be 4 1-2x7 1-2 inches in size. Drawings should be very distinct and cover the entire space so as to reduce well. Every design should contain the word "Harvard," and the numeral "1906" should be large and prominent. The following lettering must also appear on acceptable designs:

1 Yard Tickets--"Class Day, 1906, Admit one to the Yard, 2--11 P. M., June 22."

2. Stadium Tickets--"Class Day, 1906. Admit one to Stadium at 4 P. M., June 22."

3. Memorial Tickets--"Class Day, 1906. Admit one to Memorial Hall and Gymnasium, 8--11 P. M., June 22."

4. Sanders Theatre Programs--"Program of the Class Day Exercises in Sanders Theatre, June 22, 1906." This design must be 6x9 1-2 inches in size.

The above designs should be sent to H. R. Shurtleff, 7 Holworthy Hall.

A design is also requested for the Senior Dance Program "Harvard (University), Senior Spread, Class of 1906, June 21." This design should be 4 1-2x7 1-2 inches, either a wash drawing or a pen sketch and should-be sent to J. L. White, Grays 28.

Anyone wishing to vary any of the above lettering should communicate with the persons to whom they are to send their designs.

Baccaraureate Hymn.

Seniors are requested to submit a hymn to be sung to some familiar tune at the baccalaureate services. Such hymns should be sent to W. G. Graves, 28 Plympton street, before March 19.

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