Close but Poorly Played Game.-Ragged Team Work.-Clean Play.

The Harvard basketball team defeated Andover in the Gymnasium last night by the score of 27 to 20. Though exciting on account of the close score, the game was one of the poorest played by the University team this year. In both team work and shooting the men made a poor showing. Andover's team work was better, but they were beaten by the superior individual playing of the University team. The game was unusually clean throughout, the few fouls called being for minor offences against the rules. Andover started the game strongly, Fells making a basket in the first minute of play. Amberg tied the score a few minutes later, and Quigley put Harvard in the lead with another basket from the floor. When the half ended the score was 10 to 8 in favor of Harvard. Andover again started quickly in the second half, Gunning making a goal on a long pass from the toss up. Harvard took the lead again immediately, several signal plays being worked successfully. Andover then succeeded in trying the score at 20 to 20 near the end of the period. The University team, however, by swift work completely outplayed the Andover team during the last few moments of play. Griffiths made two goals in quick succession, the first being on a long shot from the side, and Amberg made the final score aided by good team work.

The Summary: HARVARD.  ANDOVER. Broun, r.f.  l.g., Murphy McCarty, Quigley, l.f.  r.g., Hennessy Amberg, c.  c., Gunning Griffiths, r.g.  l.f., Blumenauer Brooks, l.g.  r.f., Fells

Score-Harvard, 27; Andover, 20. Baskets from the floor-Gunning 5, Brooks 4, Amberg 3, Broun 2, Quigley 2, Murphy 2, Feils 2. Baskets on fouls, Griffiths 5, Murphy 2. Fouls called-on Harvard, 8; on Andover, 12. Referee-H. R. Saylor. Umpire-B. C. Reilly, Andover. Time-keeper, E. L. Grant 1L. Time-20-minute halves.