First Public Performance in Brattle Hall at 8.15.--Successful Graduates' Night.

The Deutscher Verein will give the first public performance of its ninth annual play, "Das Stiftungsfest," by Gustav von Moser, this evening at 8.15 o'clock in Brattle Hall. The play will be repeated tomorrow night in Potter Hall, Boston. Tickets for either performance may be had at the Co-operative, Herrick's, Koehler's Book Store, 149A Tremont street, Boston, or from A. G. Cheney, 27 Holyoke street, and will also be on sale at the door of the hall after 7 o'clock. The Mandolin Club will furnish music at both performances.

The Graduates' performance last evening was unusually successful; indeed the production indicated that the Verein is likely this year to surpass all previous efforts. The play was carried through without a break and with increasing action and spirit. The choice of the play is particularly happy. The plot is clear cut and the situations productive of uproarious laughter.

F. Dexter '08, as Kommerzienrat Bolzau, around whom the play centres, made the most of an extremely funny part. O. L. M. H. Lyding '09 as Dr. Scheffler, had a part which could easily have been overdone, and which he acted with pleasing restraint. The most difficult part was that of Hartwig, in which E. F. Hanfstaengl '09 showed an ability seldom seen among amateurs. G. A. Schneider '07 as Schnake and C. Wesselhoeft '08 as Dr. Steinkirch added greatly to the comedy of the play. The love scene between the latter and Ludmilla is perhaps the most amusing incident of the play.

Of the feminine characters, M. Wertheim '06, as Wilhelmine, was extraordinarily amusing, and H. C. Knoblauch '08 as Ludmilla was exceedingly attractive. T. W. Knauth '07 as Bertha handled a trying part with success.

The cast is as follows:

Dr. Scheffler, Advokat,  O. L. M. H. Lyding '09Bertha, seine Frau,  T. W. Knauth '07Kommerzienrat Bolzau,  F. Dexter '08Wilhelmine, seine Frau,  M. Wertheim '06Ludmilla, ihre Nichte,  H. C. Knoblauch '08Dr. Steinkirch,  C. Wesselhoeft '08Hartwig,  E. F. Hanfstaengl '09Schnake Vereinsdiener,  G. A. Schneider '07Brimborius, Festordner,  O. W. Knauth '09Franz, Diener bei Bolzau,  L. Carroll '06Diener bei Scheffler,  R. L. Hale '0