Yale Letter

Yale's indoor track season was brought to a close by a meet in the Second Regiment Armory, held under the auspices of the New Haven Naval Reserves, on Monday, March 19. The leading event on the program was a one-mile relay race between the Yale and Columbia Freshmen. Yale's team, which was composed of R. B. Burch, L. V. Howe, R. P. McNulty, and J. H. Browning, won by half a lap. Most of the other events were contested exclusively by Yale men.

The best musical concert of the year was rendered by the New York Symphony Orchestra last Wednesday night. All the expenses of the concert were paid by Professor S. S. Sanford, in order that the gross receipts might be given to the Yale Infirmary.

The pamphlet on the Courses of Study in Yale College for the year 1906-1907 was issued Saturday. The most important feature of this year's pamphlet is the change in the "Anticipation Rule." Hereafter this privilege will be restricted to those who have maintained a general scholarship grade of 260 or above throughout the previous year. Men having a deficiency, due to failure in a course previously taken, or who are obliged to take extra hours to make up for absences will be debarred from this privilege.

In the third wrestling match of the season, last Friday night, Yale defeated Columbia by the score of 5 to 2. As yet the weather has not permitted outdoor practice by either the baseball or track teams. Both the university and freshman crews, as well as the upperclass crews, have been rowing regularly in the harbor.