Large Delegation from the University to be Present.-Details and Committee.

Arrangements are being made for sending a large delegation from the University to the annual Northfield Conference for college students of Canada and the East, which is to be held on the grounds of Northfield Seminary, East Northfield, Massachusetts, from June 22 to July 1. At the request of most of the colleges, the date of the conference has been fixed one week earlier than usual. This change will make it impossible for Yale to send as large a delegation as that of last year, about 125 men, as most undergraduates stay for Commencement at New Haven. It will, however, be possible for many more Harvard men to go than before.

Plans have been made for a delegation of about 150 men from the University, including undergraduates and men from the various professional schools. Arrangements will probably be made for a special through train to Northfield on the morning after Class Day. The number of delegates is not restricted, as at the Nashville Convention, but limited only by the entertainment facilities at Northfield. All arrangements will be in the hands of 25 men, appointed jointly by the Harvard Mission and the Christian Association. It is expected that all men who wish to go can be accommodated. Applications should be made at once to any member of the committee named below.

An attempt has been made to secure East Hall, the largest and best dormitory at Northfield, which has been assigned in recent years to Yale. This hall, if obtained, will accommodate 113 men, and the rest will be quartered in tents. The hall has dining facilities of its own.

The list of speakers is not complete, but includes at present Dr. Endicott Peabody h.'04, of Groton; Bishop Anderson, of Chicago; Mr. Robert E. Speer, of New York; Professor A. A. Falconer, of Halifax, N. S.; and Dr. S. M. Zwemer, of Arabia, who gave an illustrated lecture in the Union last winter. As heretofore, the large morning meetings will be held in the Auditorium.

Every afternoon will be given up to athletic sports, including baseball, golf, a tennis tournament and a track meet. The chairmanship of the athletic committee has been offered this year to Harvard, and will be held by R. H. Oveson '05. The annual celebration and bonfire usually held on July 4, will probably occur on June 27.

Expenses will be as follows: program fee, which goes toward the general, cost of the conference, $5; board for ten days, $9; dormitory room, $3 (this is reduced for those who live in tents). Reduced railroad rates are granted from all points, the round trip from Cambridge costing about $3.75. Men staying only a part of the time will be charged accordingly. It is expected that men attending the Engineering Camp at Squam Lake who wish to go to Northfield will be excused for part of the ten days.

Following are the members of the committee already appointed: W. H. Keeling '07, chairman, R. H. Oveson '05, A. N. Holcombe '06, T. F. Savage '06, A. E. Wood '06, C. W. Cate '07, D. G. Field '07, R. B. Gregg '07, H. W. Nichols '07, H. H. Perry '07, J. D. White '07, W. P. Anderton '08, G. G. Ball '08, H. Channing '08, G. Emerson '08, S. R. Harlow '08, D. J. Knowlton '08, J. B. Marsh '08, F. B. Biddle '09, J. C. Bills '09, C. D. Brewer '09, F. H. Burr '09, O. L. M. H. Lyding '09, E. T. Wentworth '09.

Yale defeated the University of Virginia in baseball yesterday 11 to 10.