At Exeter This Evening at 8 o'clock.--W. G. King Appointed Alternate.

The seventh annual Freshman-Exeter debate will be held at 8 o'clock this evening in the Academy Chapel at Exeter. Of the past six debates, the Freshmen have won two and Exeter four.

Tonight's debate will be on the subject: "Resolved, That the labor union principle of the closed shop is justifiable and should be supported." The Freshman team, consisting of E. T. Went-worth, A. C. Lurie, and G. C. Good, will support the affirmative. M. L. Friedman, J. J. Hiatt, and H. C. Long will defend the negative for Exeter. Each man will be allowed twelve minutes for a main speech and five minutes for rebuttal.

The Freshman team was chosen on March 21, and since then it has held frequent practice debates with a second team composed of W. G. King, R. C. Mulligan, and F. Schenck, under the direction of the coach, A. Tulin 3L., who has been assisted by W. M. Shohl 1L. W. G. King was appointed atternate for the team early in the week. During the practice debates, the team has developed well in form and has constructed a clear and logical case.