Changes in Entrance Examinations

In a recent announcement of the Committee on Admission, it is stated that after 1908 examinations in Physiography and Meteorology will be withdrawn, and in place of them will be sustituted an examination in Geography; based upon the requirement in Geography of the College Entrance Examination Board.

This requirement is based on the report of the Committee on Physical Geography of the Scientific Department of the National Educational Association.

Geography will be an elementary subject counting one point only, and the first examination will be held on June 26 at the hour announced for Physiography.

After 1908 the examination in Zoology will be based upon the requirement in Zoology of the College Entrance Examination Board, and this requirement is framed in accordance with the report of a committee appointed by the American Society of Zoologists.

Beginning with next June, each application for examination must be accompanied by an examination fee of five dollars. This fee will not be accepted in advance of the application and must be sent with the application blank to the bursar. A candidate for examination in two or more successive years will be required to pay an examination fee in each year and a candidate who divides his examinations between June and September of the same year will be required to pay an examination fee for each part.

Thse rules, however, will not be applied to candidates who began their examinations with the understanding that the fee paid at the time of their preliminary examinations would cover also the finals.