Results at Olympic Games Yesterday

At the Olympic games, at Athens, yesterday, A. Hahn, Milwaukee A. C., won the final heat of the 100-meter race in 11 minutes 1-5 second, with F. R. Moulton, Kansas City A. C., in second place.

In the first heat of the 1500-meter race J. D. Lightbody, Chicago University, won first place in 4 minutes 19 2-5 seconds, and J. P. Sullivan, I. A. A. C., secured third place. Nine men started in the heat. The second heat, with 11 entries, was, won by J. McGough, England, in 4 minutes 18 4-5 seconds. G. N. Bonhag, I. A. A. C., took third and H. W. Cohn, I. A. A. C., fourth place.

M. J. Sheridan, I. A. A. C., secured second place in throwing the stone, with a distance of 19 meters 3 1-2 centimeters.

The running long jump was won by M. Prinstein, I. A. A. C., with a jump of 17 meters 20 centimeters.

The finals of the swimming races were not finished owing to the roughness of the water.