On Freshman Diamond at 3.--Little Improvement Shown Since Vermont Game.

The University baseball team will play Trinity in its second game of the season this afternoon on the Freshman diamond, Soldiers Field, at 3 o'clock. Trinity will use the same pitcher as in last year's game, when Harvard won by a score of 8 to 1. The general make-up of the team, however, is new.

Since the game with Vermont on Wednesday the practice of the University team has been very rudimentary, consisting of the usual batting and fielding practice. Owing to the cold weather little improvement has been made.

The teams will lineup this afternoon as follows: HARVARD.  TRINITY. Leonard, 3b.  c.f., Morgan Pounds, r.f.  2b., Burwell McCall, 2b.  s.s., Powell Stephenson, c.  r.f., Xanders McCarty, c.f.  l.f., Connors Dexter, l.f.  3b., Randall Burr, 1b.  1b., Morrow Simons, s.s.  c., Cunningham Taylor, Castle, Green, p.  p., Bodgely