Inferior Work of First Crew.--Changes in Second.--Freshman Practice.

Yesterday the members of the University crew squad had light work, going out one at a time with Coach Wray in pair-oar shells. By this method individual faults of the men not so evident when they row in the eight-oar boats are brought to the attention of the coach. The same work will be continued today, but Newhall, Morgan, and Filley will be given a rest.

During the past week the University crew has not rowed as well as the week before. The men as a rule have lacked vigor, and the work has steadily deteriorated. On Tuesday Tappan went in at three and Emmons was changed to 7 on the second crew. Thursday, the last day the men rowed together, the boat was heavy and spaced poorly between strokes. The catch was uneven, several men had very little bevel on their blades, and on the port side there was considerable splashing on the catch. Fish at number 2 rushed his slide and was slow getting his hands away from his body on the recovery, and at 6 R. Bacon did not get the full force of his shoulders into his stroke at the finish. Richardson at 5 and Newhall at 7 were the liveliest men in the boat. Richardson was especially strong on his leg drive. Arnold coxswained instead of Blagden.

Changes were made in the second crew on Tuesday and Wednesday. Tuesday, when Tappan was moved from number 3 to the corresponding position on the University crew, Emmons went in at 7 and Corbett, who had previously been rowing there, was moved to 5, Montgomery's seat. Also, Warren went in at 3, where Gill had been rowing and Gill was changed to number 4 on the port side of the boat. Whitney coxswained, as Arnold went into the University boat. On Wednesday Ball replaced Morgan at stroke. On account of these changes the boat rolled considerably and the men have been unable to follow the stroke well, but they have shown plenty of life and have pulled hard.


The orders Thursday were as follows:

University crew--Stroke, Filley; 7, Newhall; 6, R. Bacon; 5, Richardson; 4, Glass; 3, Tappan; 2, Fish; bow, Flint; cox., Arnold.


Second crew--Stroke, Ball; 7, Emmons; 6, Richards; 5, Corbett; 4, Gill; 3, Warren; 2, G. Bacon; bow, Wiggins; cox., Whitney.

Upperclass Crew Work.

The upperclass crews have been improving steadily during the past week as the weather conditions have been favorable and Coaches Rice and Stephenson have been able to accompany the crews in the Veritas. Longer rows have been taken, usually down-stream into the basin and often as far as Harvard bridge. Owing to the roughness of the water yesterday the Seniors went down-stream only as far as the gas works and the Juniors and Sophomores up-stream to the Brighton bridge and back. The body swing of the Senior and Sophomore crews has decidedly improved and the blade work is clean. The work of the Junior crew, however, has been seriously retarded by irregularity of the men in reporting. The blade work is poor and the men frequently catch crabs. There are almost enough men to form a third crew. The Sophomore crew has been rowing in long stretches and has been practicing racing starts with the second crew. The last row before the vacation will be a time row between the two crews over the course on Friday.

The orders follow:

First Senior crew--Stroke, Switzer; 7, Burchard; 6, Kellogg; 5, Lord; 4, White; 3, Corlett; 2, Shurtleff; bow, Cabot; cox., Bonalli.

First Junior crew--Stroke, Gregg; 7, Swaim; 6, Hopewell; 5, Simmons; 4, French; 3, Wiswall; 2, Forte; bow, Reynols; cox., Ogilby.

First Sophomore crew--Stroke, Mason; 7, Whitney; 6, Onativia; 5, Tilton; 4, Despard; 3, Fahnestock; 2, Hyde; bow, Comstock; cox., Dutton.

Freshman Crew Work.

The Freshman crew has shown all-around improvement during the past week in spite of another shift in the order. Ellis has been put back at stroke in the first boat, where he rowed at the beginning of the season, Kennard is rowing at 5 again and Maloon at 3, where he was rowing earlier in the year. Galatti has been taking Wise's place at coxswain for the last few days. The crews have usually rowed down-stream into the basin, but yesterday went upstream to the Brighton bridge in short stretches. If the weather is fine this afternoon the crews will row at 2.30 o'clock and will have a race. The crew as a whole is weak at the finish, washes out and is slow at getting the hands away. Ellis at stroke does not get the full benefit of his long swing by catching at the full reach and carrying the stroke through. Fitzgerald at 6 shortens his stroke and fails to put his shoulders on hard. Hanfstaengl at 3 shoves vigorously with his legs, but swings out of the boat badly.

The orders:

First Freshman crew--Stroke, Ellis; 7, Faulkner; 6, Fitzgerald; 5, Kennard; 4, Crandall; 3, Hanfstaengl; 2, Maloon; bow, E. Cutler; cox., Galatti.

Second Freshman crew--Stroke, J. Cutler; 7, Cable; 6, Butler; 5, Poor; 4, Mulligan; 3, Richardson; 2, Crowell; bow, Morrison; cox., Townsend