Track Practice During the Week

During the past week a large number of candidates have been reporting daily for track practice. Now that the track is in a firm condition both the high and low hurdles have been set up; as yet, however, the hurdlers have not been timed. The sprinters have been doing short stretches on the track, and the milers and two-milers have usually been sent around for five laps. Some very good records were obtained last Wednesday, when the sprinters were regularly timed, the quarter mile being run in 52 1-5s.; the half mile in 2m. 5s.; and the three-quarters mile in 3m. 24s.

Under Mr. Quinn's direction several of the candidates for the weight events are doing promising work. R. H. Oveson 1L. and H. E. Kersburg '06 have thrown the 16-pound hammer over 145 feet, and in the 12-pound shot-put B. T. Stephenson '08 has reached a distance of 51ft. 2in.

The high and broad jumpers as well as the pole-vaulters have been working for the past two days only, on account of the previous hard condition of the ground.

Owing to the recent severity of the weather no hammer-throwing and shot-putting contest will be held this afternoon, as the handicap games will take place next Friday. Contests in the weight events have been for the present indefinitely postponed.