Improvement in Upperclass Crews

Two eights from each of the three upper classes have been practicing almost every day for the past week, and save for the Junior second crew the orders have remained the same.

On Saturday the first Senior crew concluded the week's work by a hard row over the course. Switzer set a high stroke all the way, rowing 34 for the first third of the distance and not falling below 32 at any time. The men stood the pace, and the boat spaced well. The men showed an improvement in driving the stroke through with a powerful finish. The time, 10 minutes 5 seconds, is no criterion, as the crew was forced by the wind to cling to the Boston shore and had to diverge to mid-stream in order to circle the line of piles.

The Junior crew did its best work in the early part of the week. Especial care has been paid lately to developing a strong drive at the catch.

Last Tuesday the Sophomores raced the Union Boat Club crew for seven-eights of a mile and won by a length of open water. As a result of frequent practice in racing starts the crew reaches out with vigor, and uses clean blade work at the start.

The orders:

First Senior crew-Stroke, Switzer; 7, Burchard; 6, Kellogg; 5, Lord; 4, White; 3, Cabot; 2, Gibson; bow, Williams; cox, Bonelli.

Second Senior crew-Stroke, Wright; 7, Pierpont; 6, Lincoln; 5, Cook; 4, Appel; 3, Holmes; 2 Strauss; bow, Warren; cox., deMilhau.

First Junior crew-Stroke, Gregg; 7, Cate; 6, Forte; 5, Sherwin; 4, Hopewell; 3, Wiswall; 2, French; box, Simmons; cox., Ogilby.

Second Junior crew-Stroke, Bailey; 7, Lane; 6, Whitney; 5, Dearborn; 4, Evans; 3, Woodbury; 2, Lanahan; bow, Durant; cox., Linaberry.

First Sophomore crew-Stroke, Mason; 7, Whitney; 6, Despard; 5, Tilton; 4, Hyde; 3, Parke; 2. Oustivia; bow, Comstock; cox., Dutton.

Second Sephomore crew-Stroke, Henry; 7, Harding; 6, Homans; 5, Parker; 4, Phillips; 3, Swain; 2, Short; bow Moot; cox., Montgomery.