College to March to Game by Classes

This afternoon at 1 o'clock the University will assemble by classes in front of the Union and will march to the baseball game on Soldiers Field, led by a band provided by money collected at the mass meeting in the Yard last night. After the game the men will go to the Stadium. The easiest way is by the entrance opposite first base on the University diamond.

The Yard meeting last night was attended by a large number of men who sat around on the grass in front of Matthews Hall. Torches had been set up on the terrace, and before the meeting the University Glee and Mandolin Clubs rendered several selections.

R. Grant '06 introduced E. J. Wendell '82, who pointed out two great opportunities for the University today: to show by its reception of Princeton men that it wants to revive closer relations between the colleges, and to give hearty support to the baseball and track teams today.

N. Kelley '06 spoke in place of B. K. Stephenson '06, who was absent, and pointed out that while this will be its first championship game for six men of the nine, the team has shown its best form in the more difficult games.

R. H. Oveson '05 said a few words on the hard work of the team in developing inexperienced men, and the value of cheering today in giving them confidence.