Interscholastic Tennis Today

The sixteenth annual tournament for the Harvard interscholastic tennis championship in singles will begin on Jarvis Field at 9 o'clock this morning. Owing to the large number of entries, probably only the preliminary round will be played today, leaving the semi-finals and finals for Monday. During the tournament preference in courts will be given to contestants, all of whom must report to N. W. Niles '09 at Jarvis Field at 9 o'clock this morning.

Prizes will be given to the winner and the runner-up. The winner will also have the right, as Harvard interscholastic champion, to play for the national interscholastic championship at Newport in August. A championship shield will be presented to the school winning the greatest number of points, each match actually won counting one point.

The entries are as follows: Stone's School--Babcock, Comey, Cutler, Davenport, Garrett, Harris, Mason, Noble, Perkins, Quincy, Sargent, Tunis, Wolfe, A. Whiting, W. M. Whiting.

Volkmann School--Blanchard, Bray, Cobb, Eaton, Foster, Hoyt, E. Hutchins, H. C. Hutchins, Kayser, Mixter, Watson, Williams, Wheelwright.

Boston Latin School--Adams, Crane, Crosby, Daly, Murphy, Sweetser, Wendemuth.

Cambridge Latin School--Beard, Chase, Ellis, Hall, Lawrence, Vickery.

Newton High School--Bothfield, Henry, K. Howard, W. Howard, Mandell, Poole, Sherman, Wise, Young.

Rindge Manual Training School--Haynes, Hursch, Lynes.

Dedham High School--Gifford, Johnson, Pratt.

Andover--Benner, Berneche, Briggs, Foster, Haskell, Hall, Hincks, Massey, Reed, Williams.

Exeter--Suckley, Wolff.