In the Stadium at 1.30.--University Team Improved Since Southern Trip.

The University lacrosse team will play its first game since the southern trip with Hobart College at 1.30 o'clock this afternoon in the Stadium.

The University team has been holding daily practice, consisting of scrub games, and has improved considerably, especially on the attack. Under the coaching of R. Wynne M.'02, the defense, although not quite so strong, has developed a more effective team play.

The Hobart team arrived last night in Cambridge, and was entertained by members of the University team.

H. A. A. tickets and tickets to the Dartmouth track meet, will admit to the game.

The line-up: HARVARD.  HOBART. Daniels, g.  g., Gutches Barber, i.h.  p., Dwinelle Sesser, o.h.  c.p., Bellringer Ackerman, 1a.  1d., Patch Vance, 2a.  2d., Jennings Penhallow, 3a.  3d., McCray Francis, c.  c., Drummond Prizer, 3d.  3a., Partridge Rand, 2d.  2a., Bradford Rice, 1d.  1a., Riegel Wead, c.p.  o.h., Saben White, p.  i.h., Hall