Improvement in Upperclass Rowing

Constantly stricter work since the recess has brought about a uniform advance in the work of the upperclass crews. They usually go out on Saturday now, but day before yesterday the second Senior and Junior crews did not row. The first Junior and Sophomore crews have been handicapped by the loss of Swaim and Lewell respectively, who were taken up on Saturday to the University second eight. Swaim, who has been at 7 almost without a change since the beginning of the season, was the most powerful man in the Junior boat. The Sophomores are not so seriously affected, as Lowell on the other hand, who has been at 5, rowed on the University second crew until about three weeks ago.

A strong wind prevailed last week often rendering the water almost unfit for shells. Under such conditions, by keeping too fast a stroke over the first part of the course, the Seniors were defeated by the University second on Thursday. Friday they again rowed the course and beat by more than a length the Stone School first, which took them up for the first mile, and by as much again the Stone second, which picked them up for the last half mile. There is a lot of power in the boat which would be more effectively applied if the bow six men supported Switzer at stroke and Burchard at 7 by driving more strongly with the legs, and keeping hold of the water longer at the end of each stroke.

The Juniors, notwithstanding the rearrangement necessitated by the loss of Swaim, rowed fairly well together on Saturday, with a lively catch and firm pull of the oar through the water.

The Sophomores have been given no time rows, but have paid especial attention to rowing starts, and have taken a number of these for short distances, with the second.

The orders:

First Senior crew--Stroke, Switzer; 7, Burchard; 6, Kellogg; 5, Lord; 4, White; 3, Cabot; 2, Gibson; bow, Williams; cox., Bonelli.

Second Senior crew--Stroke, Wright; 7, Pierpont; 6, Lincoln; 5, Cook; 4, Appel; 3, Holmes; 2, Strauss; bow, Warren; cox, de Milhau.

First Junior crew--Stroke, Gregg; 7, Cate; 6, Forte; 5, Sherwin; 4, Hopewell; 3, Wiswall; 2, French; bow, Simmons; cox., Ogilby.

Second Junior crew--Stroke, Bailey; 7, Lane; 6, Whitney; 5, Dearborn; 4, Evans; 3, Reynolds; 2, Lanahan; bow, Richmond; cox., Blaney.

First Sophomore crew--Stroke, Mason; 7, Whitney; 6, Despard; 5, Tilton; 4, Hyde; 3, Parke; 2, Onativia; bow, Comstock; cox., Dutton.