Second Game of Series on Soldiers Field at 1.30 o'clock.

The Freshman baseball team will play its second game with the Yale freshmen this afternoon at 1.30 o'clock on the University diamond, Soldiers Field.

Cheering section tickets, at 50 cents each, will be on sale this morning at the Rendezvous, Butler's and the University Smoke Shops, admitting to both Freshman and University games. They will also be sold where the class assembles to march to the Field. H. A. A. tickets will not admit until the beginning of the sixth inning of the Freshman game.

The game at New Haven last Saturday showed that both the Freshmen teams are evenly matched. The Harvard Freshmen, however, have today the advantage of home grounds, and consequently may be expected to win.

The batting orders: HARVARD 1909.  YALE 1909. Rogers, 2b.  r.f., Lippitt Briggs, ss.  2b., Clifford Paine, 3b.  l.f., Mallory Harding, 1b.  c., Sweeney Palmer, c.f.  3b., Peck Cutting, r.f.  1b., Jefferson Dana, l.f.  c.f., Schlafley Kelly, c.  s.s., Cushman Hartford, p.  p., Dunbar

General and Individual Criticism of Team

The Freshman nine this year is not up to the standard of previous Freshman teams because five of the best men out are on the University squad. So many men have been tried out that the development has been slow. But at present the men are batting well and fielding more accurately than at any time this season.

Briggs, at shortstop, is new in the position, and at times displays nervousness, but he covers plenty of ground and is fairly accurate. He is one of the best batters of the team. The work of the catchers has been far from satisfactory; they throw poorly to bases, and very frequently misjudge foul flies. Kelly's work, however, during the past week has been encouraging and he will catch today in place of Moss. Hartford should prove effective as he has had valuable experience against the smaller colleges. He is apt to weaken, however, and to lose control of the ball. He bats well for a pitcher. At the beginning of the season the work of the first basemen was very poor. Harding, by perseverance and steadiness has developed into one of the best Freshman first baseman in years. He is still rather awkward but he handles ground balls and low throws very well. His batting has been fair, his principal fault being failure to time the ball. Rogers has been tried at shortstop and second base and has been unsteady in both positions. His batting, however, has been good. Paine at third base is fairly reliable, but is weak on balls hit directly at him. He bats fairly well but still has a tendency to step away from the plate. He is fast on the bases. Dana has developed into an accurate outfielder both on fly balls and on throwing. He bats well in practice, but has proved to be a weak hitter in most of the games. Palmer began the season as a pitcher but he hit so well that he was put into centre field when Hartford joined the squad. He is doing fairly well in his new position, but is still slow in starting and consequently covers but little ground. Cutting at right field also does not cover enough ground; his throwing is strong and accurate. He runs bases conservatively. He hits fairly well but has a tendency to try to start to run before he has hit the ball, and as a result very often mistimes the ball. Bush, substitute pitcher, has a good variety of speed and curves, but is very apt to have poor control. He is a good batting pitcher