Defeated 1910 in Final Relay Race in Meet Held Last Night.

In the interclass relay swimming meet, held in the Dunster tank last night, the Seniors won the class championship by defeating the Freshmen in the final race. The time in all the races was faster than last year, the best, time being 2 minutes, 6 3-5 seconds, made by the Seniors in the final race. Each man swam four lengths of the tank, a distance of about 50 yards.

The 50-yard race for the first substitutes of the class teams was won by G. C. Welch '07 in an extremely close race with L. C. Seaverns '10.

After the preliminary races a diving exhibition was given by S. E. Goodwin '07, D. B. Hill '08, and B. Moore '08. Hill was declared by the judges to be the winner. A water polo game between two picked teams was played after the races.

Following is the summary:

1909 vs. 1910--Won by 1910. Time, 2m. 14s.

1907 vs. 1908--Won by 1907. Time, 2m. 15s.

Final heat--Won by 1907, (L. Howe, R. K. Tomlin, E. Farley, J. V. Quinlan). Time, 2m. 6 3-5s.

50-yard race--Won by G. C. Welch '07; second, L. C. Seaverns '10. Time, 36s.

Diving--Won by D. B. Hill '08.