Open Upperclass Competition for Pasteur Medal Debate.

The debating work for the year was begun last night by a well-attended mass meeting in Dane Hall. E. R. Lewis '08, president of the Debating Council, presided; and short speeches were made by Professor H. B. Huntington '97 of Brown University, Mr. S. R. Wrightington '97 of Boston, and A. C. Blagden 2L.

Plans for Upperclass Debating.

E. R. Lewis '08, president of the Debating Council, then announced the plan for conducting upperclass debating during the coming year, which was adopted by the Council at its last meeting in the form of the following resolutions:

"Whereas, in the judgment of the Council, the interests of debating in the University can best be promoted not only by the practice of formal debating (which may be had at its best in the course on Debating offered by the English Department), but also by more or less informal discussion of public questions in relatively small groups of congenial men; and

"Whereas, the Council realizes its inability, from the nature of the case, to undertake satisfactorily the work of organizing such clubs; be it

"Resolved, That the Council hereby declare its intention, for the current year to take no active part in the organization of debating clubs above the Freshman Class; and

"Resolved, That the Council express its willingness, on request, to aid in the formation of such clubs among the upper classes, to accommodate them with rooms in Dane Hall and with judges for debates, and to promote their welfare in every way that lies within its power; and be it, further.

"Resolved, That a committee on Debating Clubs be appointed to carry out the will of the Council as expressed in the previous resolution."

The committee appointed to carry out these resolutions consists of F. Schenck '09, chairman, J. S. Davis '08, G. C. Good '09, and E. R. Lewis '08, ex-officio.

Pasteur Medal Debate in December.

The plan for conducting the Pasteur Medal Debate if the concurrence of the French Department is obtained, has been adopted by the Council as follows:

"Whereas, the lack of rigidly organized system of clubs will necessitate a change in the manner of awarding the Pasteur Medal; and

"Whereas, the Pasteur Medal is an individual prize and not a prize for team work; be it

"Resolved, That, with the concurrence of the French Department, the Pasteur Medal shall be awarded for the current year to the best debater at a debate between two matched teams, chosen at a series of trials similar to those at which the first and second University teams are picked, to which competition any undergraduate of the College (or the Lawrence Scientific School) shall be eligible, "Whereas, there is no University debate scheduled for the first half year; be it

"Resolved, That a date in early December be definitely fixed as the time for the said debate."

Freshman Debate with Yale.

The Freshman Debating Club will be organized next Wednesday evening. On account of the success of the Freshman debate with Yale last year, the Council has decided to take steps at once to make permanent the arrangement for this debate