Improved Handling of Forward Passes.--New Men Showed Up Well.

The University football team defeated Bates yesterday afternoon by the decisive score of 33 to 4, in a game which showed the steady development which the University team is undergoing. The game was full of brilliant end runs, coupled with long gains from blocked kicks and well-perfected forward passes, so that the spectators were kept in a continual state of excitement. The work of the quarterbacks of both teams was of a very high order, and many long gains were made in running back kicks.

The improvement shown by the University team over the form in the Bowdoin game a week ago, was strongly noticeable. Forward passes and clever onside kicks were run off with promising smoothness, and long gains were made from a double pass which the opposing ends seemed unable to solve.

Of the new men tried out yesterday, Grant and Brennan showed up especially well. Grant was right with the ball all the time, was down under kicks with the ends, and was always at hand to pull along the man who was carrying the ball. Brennan, who has only recently come to the front as a candidate for fullback, besides making many substantial gains through the line, showed considerable ability in running back the ball on kick-offs. The tackle positions were well cared for, Burr, Fish, and Inches all being instrumental in breaking up end plays before they were under way. Of the halfbacks, Lockwood and Gilbert made several good end runs which secured first down at times when much needed.

The Game in Detail.

Harvard's first touchdown was made in the first few minutes of play, after a 15-yard run by Newhall, another 15-yard gain on a recovered on-side kick, and a series of line plays averaging six yards apiece. Parker started the team off for the next touchdown, running 35 yard to Bates' 10-yard line after Burr had blocked Keeney's on-side kick. Brennan made the touchdown in two hard bucks through left tackle. On the next kick-off, Brennan ran back 24 yards, and Burr punted to Bates' 45-yard line. After several exchanges of punts, Newhall brought the ball from the middle of the field to the 40-yard line by clever dodging. After three plays, Burr's forward pass went to Bates on their 5-yard line. Newhall then heeled Schumacher's punt on the 40-yard line and Burr kicked a goal.

After Bates had carried the ball from their 30 to Harvard's 50-yard line, they were held for downs and on the first play, Lockwood made 25 yards around left end, and in four plays a touchdown was made by Brennan. Bates' only score came as the result of a muffed punt by Rand who was tackled hard just as he caught the ball, Schumacher kicking a placement goal from the 32-yard line. Time was called shortly after the next kick-off, with the ball on Bates' 12-yard line.

The playing in the second half was more ragged owing to the fact that many substitutes were put in. Bates carried the ball from the kick-off, after punting and recovering the ball on a forward pass to Harvard's 40-yard line, where Schumacher punted to Starr who ran to the 16-yard line. Harvard was set back to the 1-2-yard line on a penalty. At this point the team took a brace and carried the ball the whole length of the field for a touchdown, Gilbert scoring. The last touchdown was made by Nourse who ran 65 yards after getting the ball on a fluke.

The teams lined-up as follows:

Score--Harvard, 33; Bates, 4. Touchdowns--Brennan 2, Gilbert, Lockwood, Nourse. Goals from touchdowns--Parker 3, Gilbert. Goals from field--Burr, Schumacher. Referee--A. J. Evans, Williams. Umpire--W. M. Langford, Trinity. Field Judge--H. L. Dadmun, Worcester. Timekeeper--F. A. Wood, B.A.A. Time--Two 20-minute halves.

HARVARD.  BATES.M. C. Peirce, Houston, l.e.  r.e., CummingsBurr, Fish, l.t.  r.t., SchumacherParker, Gilmore, l.g.  r.g., Carroll, ColeGrant, Nourse, c.  c., FrenchW. Peirce, Forchheimer, r.g.  l.g., CochraneHoar, Inches, r.t.  l.t., McKennaBird, Forster, r.e.  l.e., BrownNewhall, Starr, q.b.  q.b., CobbLockwood, Gilbert, l.h.b.  r.h.b., Keeney, BridgesRand, Cutting, r.h.b.  l.h.b., Frazer, HullBrennan, Waterbury, f.b.  f.b., Sargen