In Union Tonight at 8--"Present Political Conditions in India"

Mr. S. C. K. Rutnam, A.M., president of Central College, Colombo, Ceylon, will deliver a lecture in the Living Room of the Union tonight at 8 o'clock, on "Present Political Conditions in India." The lecture, which is the first of the Political Club lectures of the year, will be open to all members of the Union.

Mr. Rutnam is a graduate of the University of Madras and a recipient of the degree of A.M. from Princeton. He has also spent several years in Princeton Theological Seminary. He is a Hindoo, one of the few who have received an English education. In his native country he is a leader in the movement for native rule, and as editor of the Ceylon University Association, and as committeeman of the Ceylon National Association is well qualified to speak on the present political situation in India.

At present he is studying the political institutions of the United States with a view to their introduction in India. He expects soon to go to England, and by means of lectures, to arouse the public opinion of the country in favor of granting a share in the government of India to the Hindoos.