University Calendar

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Monday, October 14.

PRESIDENT AND FELLOWS OF HARVARD COLLEGE. Meeting at 50 State street, Boston, 10.30 A. M.

SEMINARY OF AMERICAN INSTITUTIONS. "Material for the study of Municipal Government." Professor Munro. Sever 9, 4 P. M.

SEMINARY OF ECONOMICS. "The Silk Manufacture." Mr. F. R. Mason. University 23, 4.30 P. M.

*PHYSICAL COLLOQUIUM. "Thomson on Positive Rays of Electricity." Dr. Davis. Jefferson Physical Laboratory, Room 25, 5 P. M.

SEMINARY ON AIMS AND METHODS OF PHILOSOPHICAL STUDY AND TEACHING. Topics: "Philosophy as a Required Subject." "The Function of a Philosophical Clubs." Professor Royce. Seminary Room, Emerson Hall, 7.30 P. M. All graduate students of Philosophy in Harvard and in Radcliffe are invited to attend this Seminary.

**CERCLE FRANCAIS. "The Separation of Church and State in France." M. I'Abbe Klein. Emerson D, 8 P. M.